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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Visual Studio 2005 (Wouldn't It Be Great If...)

Wouldn’t it be great if when you were in Visual Studio 2005:

(Note: many comments based on the Release Candidate version)

1. When you hovered your mouse over the #endregion tag a tooltip would appear that told you the name of the #region so you don’t have to scroll up to it.

2. When you right-clicked an #endregion tag and selected “Go To Definition” it jumped you to the #region tag.

3. There was a keystroke that allowed the effective equivalent of CTRL-F5 of the current project you were in – regardless of the Solution build settings.

4. If the Team System/Foundation Server “Merge Changes Form Me” feature actually worked without causing the SLN file to report “Some Solution properties could not be read.”

5. If the Team System/Foundation Server check in feature brought back the “Leave Checked out” feature that old Visual Source Safe had.

6. The double-tab that invokes snippets could also invoke Surrounds With so the context menu/mouse was not such a necessary thing.    

7. If the Team System/Foundation Server check out feature told you there was a newer version on the server (which it does in the never-checked output pane) and then prompted you to go get it so you are editing the latest version.    

7. C# doesn’t do a great job of syntax checking until you actually try to build. What if you could right click a single file and validate it’s syntax without trying to build the whole project. That would be sweet – or it could just to the realtime checking like Visual Basic does so well.

{ I will be updating this list regularly }