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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Everything that is Microsoft

For those of you wondering what you get with a Team Suite MSDN subscription, here's a peek. Plus, I think it's cool to have list of Everything (95%) that is Microsoft in one list.

Applications (57)

Access 2.0
Access 2003
Access 2007
Business Contact Manager
Business ScoreCard Manager
Front Page
Groove 2007
Hyper-V Server 2008
Hyper-V Server 2008 R2
InfoPath 2003
InfoPath 2007
Interconnect 2004
Interconnect 2007
Internet Explorer 6.0
MapPoint 2004
MapPoint 2006
MapPoint 2009
Office 2002
Office 2003
Office 2007
Office 95
Office Communicator 2005
Office Communicator 2007
Office Communicator 2007 R2
Office Communicator Mobile
Office Communicator Web
Office Communicator Web Access
Office Servers 2007
Office XP
OneNote 2003
OneNote 2007
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
PerformancePoint Server
Project 2002
Project 2003
Project 2003 Server
Project 2007
Project 95
Project Portfolio Server 2006
Project Portfolio Server 2007
Publisher 2002
Publisher 2003
Publisher 2007
SharePoint Designer 2007
Small Business Accounting(App)
Virtual PC 2004
Virtual PC 2007
Virtual PC for Mac 6.1
Virtual PC for Mac 7.0
Virtual Server 2005
Virtual Server 2005 R2
Visio 2002
Visio 2003
Visio 2007

Business Solutions (23)

Dynamics AX 2009
Dynamics AX 4.0
Dynamics Axapta 3.0
Dynamics CRM 1.0
Dynamics CRM 1.2
Dynamics CRM 3.0
Dynamics CRM 4.0
Dynamics GP 10.0
Dynamics GP 7.5
Dynamics GP 8.0
Dynamics GP 9.0
Dynamics NAV 4.0
Dynamics NAV 5.0
Point of Sale 1.0
Small Business Accounting
Small Business Manager Financials 7.5
Small Business Manager Financials 8.0
Small Business Manager Financials 9.0
Solomon 5.5
Solomon 6.0
Solomon 6.5
Solomon 7.0
Solomon FRx
Designer Tools (2)
Expression 1
Expression 2
Developer Tools (38)
Access Developer Extensions 2003
Automatic Graph Layout
Electronic Learning Libraries
eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
Macro Assembler 6.11
ODBC Data Packs
QuickBasic 4.5
Robotics Studio
SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools
Visual Basic .NET 2003
Visual Basic 2.0
Visual Basic 3.0
Visual Basic 4.0
Visual Basic 6.0
Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor
Visual Basic Applications (VBA)
Visual C++ 1.52
Visual C++ 2.0
Visual C++ 4.2
Visual C++ Browser Toolkit
Visual C++ Tools
Visual FoxPro "Sedna"
Visual FoxPro 7.0
Visual FoxPro 8.0
Visual FoxPro 9.0
Visual J#.NET
Visual Modeler
Visual SourceSafe 2005
Visual SourceSafe 6.0d
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio Team System
Visual Studio.NET
Visual Studio.NET 2003
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
Windows XP Embedded
XNA Game Studio

MSDN Library (11)

2001-10 MSDN Library October
2005-07 MSDN Library July
2006-01 MSDN Library January
2006-05 MSDN Library May
2006-06 MSDN Library June
2006-07 MSDN Library July
2006-08 MSDN Library August
2006-12 MSDN Library December
2007-01 MSDN Library January
2007-04 MSDN Library April
2007-06 MSDN Library June

Operating Systems (30)

Compute Cluster Pack
Small Business Server 2003
Small Business Server 2003 R2
Windows 3.1 (16-bit)
Windows 3.11 (16-bit)
Windows 3.2 (16-bit)
Windows 7
Windows Advanced Server
Windows CE .NET Platform Builder 4.1
Windows CE .NET Platform Builder 4.2
Windows CE 5.0
Windows CE DirectX Kit
Windows CE Embedded 6.0
Windows CE Toolkit Visual C++ 6.0
Windows Essential Business Server 2008
Windows Internet Explorer 7
Windows Internet Explorer 8
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Services for UNIX 1.0
Windows Services for UNIX 2.0
Windows Services for UNIX 3.0
Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
Windows Small Business Server 2008
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Workgroups 3.11 (16-bit)

Servers (60)

Application Virtualization for Terminal Services
BizTalk Server 2002
BizTalk Server 2004
BizTalk Server 2006
BizTalk Server 2006 R2
BizTalk Server Accelerators and Adapters
Commerce Server 2002
Commerce Server 2007
Connected Services Framework
Content Management Server
Customer Care Framework 2005
Customer Care Framework 2008
Customer Care Framework 2009
Desktop Optimization Pack
Exchange Server 2003
Exchange Server 2007
Forefront Client Security
Forefront Client Security Beta
Forefront Security for Exchange Server
Forefront Security for SharePoint
Forefront Server Security Management Console
Forms Server
Groove Server
Host Integration Server 2000
Host Integration Server 2004
Host Integration Server 2006
Identity Integration Server 2003
Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007
ISA Server 2004
ISA Server 2006
Live Communications Server 2003
Live Communications Server 2005
Mobile Info 2001 Server
Mobile Info 2002 Server
Office Communications Server 2007
Office Communications Server 2007 R2
Operations Manager 2000
Operations Manager 2005
Project Server
Search Server 2008
SharePoint Server 2001
SharePoint Server 2003
SharePoint Server 2007
SharePoint Server 2007 Search
Speech Server 2004
SQL Server 2000
SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 6.5
System Center Capacity Planner
System Center Configuration Manager
System Center Data Protection Manager
System Center Essentials 2007
System Center Mobile Device Manager
System Center Operations Manager
System Center Reporting Manager 2006
System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Systems Management Server 2003
Systems Management Server 2003 R2

Tools and Resources (101)

.NET Compact Framework 1.0
.NET Compact Framework 2.0
.NET Framework 1.0
.NET Framework 1.1
.NET Framework 2.0
.NET Framework 3.5
.NET Framework Redistributable 1.0
.NET Framework Redistributable 2.0
.NET Framework Redistributable 3.0
.NET Micro Framework
16-bit SDK and DDK's
Academic Alliance Tools
Application Compatibility
Bank Framework SDK and DDK's
Baseline Security Analyzer 2.0.1
Bookshelf Symbol 7
Cabinet SDK and DDK's
CRC 3.05
Data Analyzer 2002
Developer Security Resource Kit
Device Simulator
DHTML Editing SDK and DDK's
Digital Dashboard
DirectX SDK and DDK's
Enterprise Instrumentation framework
ESP 1.0
FabriKam 3.1
GIF Animator
Healthcare Framework
Help Workshop
Interix 2.2
Internet Security and Acceleration
Log Parser
Mobile Internet Toolkit
Modem Developer Kit
MSDN Online Web Resource
MSYubin7 1.5
Office Resource Kit
Office System
Palm Size PC 1.2
PassPort Manager
Passport SDK and DDK's
Platform SDK and DDK's
Pocket PC 2003
Provisioning System
Repository SDK and DDK's
Security SDK and DDK's
Server Appliance Kit
Services for Netware
SharePoint Products and Technologies
Smart Card
Smart Tag SDK and DDK's
SMS 2003 SDK and DDK's
Soap Toolkit
Solver Foundation
Source Code Migration Tool
Speech SDK and DDK's
SQL 2000 Sybase
SQL Server Migration Assistant
SQL Server Tool (SQLH2)
Standard User Analyzer
Translation Glossaries
Unified Communications Managed
Virtual Earth
Visio Tools
Visual Basic for Applications
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Web Control SDK and DDK's
Web Services Enhancements
Web Storage SDK and DDK's
Windows Academic Program
Windows Communication Foundation
Windows DNA XML
Windows Hardware Compatibility
Windows Installer
Windows Media
Windows Mobile 2002
Windows Mobile 2003
Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6.0
Windows NT 3.51
Windows Point of Service
Windows Real-Time Communications
Windows Rights Management
Windows SDK and DDK's
Windows Server Update
Windows SharePoint Services
Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor 1.0
Windows Workflow Foundation
WindowsFX Beta 1
WindowsFX Runtime Components CTP
XML Parser 3.0