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Monday, December 6, 2010

Microsoft, do this ;)

I don’t want to say I am telling Microsoft what to do these days, but I think I might have influenced a tiny thing in the Entity Framework’s EDMX designer. On Connect, which is Microsoft’s “suggestion box”, my idea was answered. And, not with the typical “thanks but no thanks”. They did it.

I’ll admit that I may not be the first to suggest my series of suggestions. But for fun, let’s just pretend it was me so I can enjoy the moment – can we? Wonderful. Here’s the article:

It’s funny that the fundamental thing I asked for is *not* resolved in this issue, but instead all the other little “gimme” suggestions I included. But in their feedback they indicated that my suggestion has made it to their backlog. In my development teams, putting it in the backlog means that (someday) we’ll do it. ;)


If you want to sign in and vote for my suggestion – you can.