Jerry Nixon @Work: Setup the LG-E900 on AT&T

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Setup the LG-E900 on AT&T

The LG-E300 is very much like the LG-C300 from AT&T. I like the phone. However, since it is not an AT&T phone, getting it to work on the AT&T network is not as simple as plugging in the SIM. I’ve compiled your steps:

Get 3G Working

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose ”Cellular“
  3. Scroll to “Set or Edit APN”
    APN:  wap.cingular
    Password:  CINGULAR1
  4. Save, Click Start

Cheers to here for this information.

Get MMS Working

  1. Go to the phone keypad
  2. Dial ##634# and Send
  3. The password is 277634#*#
  4. You are in the "Factory Menu"
  5. Choose "Engineer Menu"
  6. Choose "Other Setting"
  7. Verify that "Set ADC" is set to “Enabled”
  8. From the "Other Setting" page, choose "Set network profile"
  9. Type “310” into MCC and click Find
  10. Select "_PROV_ATT_US_310_410.xml"
  11. Click Start

Cheers to here for this information