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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mango Sample: Input Scope

imageWindows Phone has an on-screen keyboard. We call it the SIP (Software Input Panel). It appears when users give focus to a TextBox. The configuration of SIP keys varies by how the developer sets up the TextBox’s InputScope property.

Here are three configurations (mango has 57):

image image image

On the far left is the DIGIT configuration. Remember, SIP configuration is meant to be an aid to the user, not a validation tool. Users can still use a physical keyboard to type in alpha characters, or use the clipboard to paste. Even with DIGIT, letters are possible.

HoW to Define InputScope in code-behind:


How to Define InputScope in XAML


Some Important InputScopes


Standard layout with features such as autocorrect and text suggestion


Standard layout with .com and customized Enter key for typing URLs.


Standard layout with .com and @ key, and easy access to phone number layout.


Standard layout with a customized Enter key. Used to type a location to search for on a map


12-key layout


Semi-transparent layout with a Search and .com key.


Standard layout with access to phone number layout. Used to type in the SMS To field


Text input that uses intelligent features such as abbreviations

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