Jerry Nixon @Work: Proven Marketing Strategies to Promote your Windows Phone App

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Proven Marketing Strategies to Promote your Windows Phone App

imageCreating a Windows Phone Application is straight-forward. The rich and robust Silverlight environment gives developers the tools a controls they need to create compelling user experiences.

But what do you do once you have your application? What draws people to discover your new creation? What pays you back for the investment of development? Telerik has created a guide to application owners to market their application. No strings attached.

The “Learn how to promote your WP7 app” paper offers practical tips and tricks from both the developer and marketing perspective for which you don’t need any marketing background and hopefully should not take too much of your time. The topics discussed are: presentation of your app and tracking your statistics, ideas about how to build your most loyal users’ core, how to increase downloads through in-app tricks, in-apps ads, external promotion and links to currently running Windows Phone competitions.

Read the White Paper here