Jerry Nixon @Work: Supporting sensors in Windows 8

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Supporting sensors in Windows 8

Yaw has +Z rotation, Roll has +Y rotation, and Pitch has +X rotation

The Windows 8 Team has written a blog article around how Windows 8 will support sensors – letting developers built extremely robust applications that interact with the user.

To pull all of this together, our final challenge was to make the power and promise of sensor fusion available to those writing Metro style apps. To enable this, we designed a sensor API as part of the new WinRT. Through these APIs, developers can access the power of sensor fusion from any Metro style app. These APIs are clean and simple, and at the same time give developers access to the data needed to support everything from casual games to virtual reality applications. Of course these capabilities are all available as Win32 APIs for game developers or other uses in desktop applications.

Read the whole article here.