Jerry Nixon @Work: Why Windows 8 is like Radioactive Pacific Bluefin Tuna

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Windows 8 is like Radioactive Pacific Bluefin Tuna

imageAs many of you know Windows 8 is Microsoft’s forthcoming Operating System. A significant upgrade to Windows 7 supporting new multi-touch devices with extended battery life. Windows 8 also offers new features for developers to develop excellent, immersive applications.

It turns out that some of our favorite sushi ingredients, the Bluefin Tuna, may show radioactive contaminates from Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear disaster last year. Throughout the Pacific, including the coast of California, samples from the tasty fish show increased levels of radiation.

Number 1 Question

As I travel around introducing users to Windows 8 and speaking to developers on Windows 8, there is one question I get over and over (though worded differently): “once I start running Windows 8, what do I do with all the Windows 7 applications I have bought or built?” That’s serious!

Number 1 Answer

Windows 8 is not a rewrite of Windows 7. It is an upgrade. And, most importantly, everything that runs on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8. Should your family or your company upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the applications you have bought or built will continue to run.

Microsoft new OS discovered to be upgrade from previous version!

The Corollary

Every sample of Windows 8 from the East coast to the West shows a pervasive and rich influence of Windows 7. It’s serious enough to say that Windows 8 has so much Windows 7 in it that many users will find it familiar, and many users will feel the upgrade to be comfortable.

High concentrations of Windows 7 found in Windows 8!

What can you do?

Windows users around the globe are antsy in anticipation for Windows 8.  The deep concentration of Windows 7 wont be removed – it can’t. Your and my decades of using Windows will be our asset in Windows 8. What might be looked at as a negative might be the most powerful positive.

But, our Windows engineers will not disappoint those looking for reasons to upgrade: Metro will introduce new, curated, and touch-friendly applications; hardware innovations will introduce unprecedented performance and battery life; and, enhancements to the underlying interfaces deliver serious candy for our army of Microsoft .Net enterprise, enthusiast, and game developers. 

I suppose I should not use an analogy that makes Windows 7 sound like a contaminant in Windows 8. If anything, it is one of the most powerful reasons to use Windows 8. Our familiarity with Windows will help our transition to a new set of powerful and forward-facing touch gestures and new features.

Watch this!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is Fast and Fluid!

A little more on Bluefin Tuna

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