Jerry Nixon @Work: Introducing the Microsoft-made tablet we have all been waiting for! The “Surface”

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Monday, June 18, 2012

Introducing the Microsoft-made tablet we have all been waiting for! The “Surface”

The Surface

Announced June 18, 2012

The 10.5” “Surface” (great reuse of our touch table brand) has a built in kick stand (spec’ed to sound like a high end car door) that just “goes away”. It has gorilla glass w/a ClearType display. It has a multi-touch keyboard built into the cover (the “Touch Cover”). Prefer “clicking” keys? we have another cover for you – touchpad, clicking buttons, everything (the “Type Cover”)!


It is 14mm thin, (3mm keyboard)! It has Office, and the latest Intel chipsets (3rd generation i5) like an UltraBook! It’s running Windows 8 Pro. Accelerometer – all the sensors! The DisplayPort will unlock the highest resolution. It has a magnetized pen/stylus for writing @ 600pdi. A freaking great choice for professionals. Less than 2 pounds. It has perimeter venting. "You never block it with your hands."


The VaporMg  (vapor-deposited (PVD) magnesium) case is a big deal – melted and molded to .65mm. Every micron of this product matters. The finish is smooth.  The touch is flawless. The “Touch Cover” is a differentiator. Thin, Colored, Powerful. It measures touch faster than any other keyboard, period. Move it to the back, and the device knows. The spine feels like a book.


Microsoft has always done hardware right. This, we can be proud of. Windows 8 needs to be a success, and hardware will make it successful. This is Microsoft’s chance to compete. It’s our chance to drive hardware innovation with our hardware vendors, by leading the way with a flagship device.

I can’t wait to see the competition!


How much does it cost?

There is a Intel version and an ARM (Windows RT) version. The Windows RT version is just 9.3mm thin, weighs 1.5lbs. The Intel will have higher storage capabilities (64GB or 128GB storage) & USB 3. It is priced to compete in this marketplace! Pricing and availability aren’t released yet. (sadness)

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