Jerry Nixon @Work: Do you like prizes? Do you like glory? Do you like Windows 8?

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do you like prizes? Do you like glory? Do you like Windows 8?

Matt Harrington MSFT's avatarOne of my favorite developer evangelists and colleagues, Matt Harrington, is organizing “the” online developer hackathon to build Windows 8 applications. That means JavaScript developers can step up to the plate. That means C# developers can step up to the plate. It even means native, C++ developers can step up, swing, and possibly walk away with incredible recognition and prizes.

Don’t miss your chance!

Online hackathons are asynchronous. That means you have time to build your team. You have time to refine your idea. You have time to build your app. And you have time to prepare your presentation. Like any hackathon, it culminates in a series of apps presented for a vote. The best app. The most creative. The best use of technology. There are lots of categories. And the winners… win!

What sorts of things can you win? Well there are prizes sure, but the best part is the world-wide community pat on the back and acknowledgement that you are clever, you are smart, and you can freakin’ get it done when it comes to app development. What’s better than that?

The hackathon will accept submissions starting August 17th. Your app can’t already be in the marketplace (cheater) but if you’ve already started, then just keep rolling and present it. The voting is a mixture of your peers and a panel of judges so things end up being fair.

Here’s Matt’s informative blog:

Hackathons are quite popular here in Silicon Valley, but not everyone can make it to one.  Maybe you live too far away, or maybe you have family obligations on the weekend.  You’re in luck!  We’re running a virtual hackathon where everything takes place online.  Here are the details in a nutshell, and more details will be added as questions arise:

  • Registration is open now.  Here’s the registration page: now to secure your spot.
  • Apps can be submitted from August 17 through August 26, 2012.
  • You’ll submit your app on  Also consider making a brief screencast using Jing.  It’s a free tool which lets you create and share a screencast up to 5 minutes long.  This isn’t required, but it will let the judges get a better idea of your app.  Jing is easy to use, but don’t wait until the last minute.  Maybe test it out in early August before you submit your app.
  • You can enter as an individual or as a team.  Find teammates on the hackathon’s Facebook page.  If you have an idea for an app, post a note there asking for people to join you.  Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea, and need to find developers to bring it to life.  Maybe you’re a designer and want to share your skills with a developer.  The Facebook page is the place to make this happen.

Read the whole article here.