Jerry Nixon @Work: Amazing. What’s new in WPF 4.5?

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amazing. What’s new in WPF 4.5?


Binding Delay!

This is set on the source. You don’t always want your values to push as fast as you change them (for example with a slider). Instead, like RX you want them pushing after no changes have been made past a certain time threshold (like 500 milliseconds). It’s beautiful.


Static Binding!

You can already bind to static properties. The big change here is a static version of INotifyPropertyChanged! Now you can bind and reflect updates to those values if your backend store should ever update them. This is especially great for ICommand!


Thread Synchronization

Sometimes your View Model is not on the UI thread. That’s actually a pretty practice. This is the solution for that use case. Solves a lot of Dispatcher Post() commands which impact performance in a negative way.



Watch Pete Brown go through it all!