Jerry Nixon @Work: What did //Build/ attendees get?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What did //Build/ attendees get?

imageWell, if you watched the Keynote(s), you saw it. Every attendee at //Build/ received some great swag today from Microsoft!

Here’s what they got:

  1. 100 GB storage on SkyDrive
  2. A Microsoft Surface RT 32GB w/Touch Cover
  3. Windows Phone Developer Account for $8
  4. A Nokia Lumia 920

Not bad.

Watch it yourself:

Best quote this morning

“We don’t know what will happen with the trajectory in the next year of the PC market. I think with the addition of Windows 8, with these incredible new form factors that are tablets and PCs, I think we are going to see a lot of growth and vitality and explosion in the PC market. But if the PC market just stayed relatively flat to current expectations, [next year] there will be 400 million new Windows devices that you can target with your applications.” – Steve Balmer, Keynote @ //Build/ 2012