Jerry Nixon @Work: Not everybody’s perfect

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not everybody’s perfect

clip_image002Sometimes, even the best developers make mistakes; the best testers miss certain cases. Sometimes, it’s users like you that find those bugs or those missed features to make things better. Isn’t it nice to know that the Windows Live team has made it easy to provide feedback and bug reports?

What you may not have known (or expected) is that this feedback is actually read and taken seriously. Should the opportunity arise, take advantage of the Windows Live “feedback” menu selection in the options menu; together we’ll make Microsoft services better and better.

Are you a developer? Have you made it easy for users to communicate back to you? You can improve your app by crowd-sourcing this sort of feedback! Remember, if you don’t have such a mechanism, they’ll report bugs in your app’s reviews – and you don’t want that. Take a pointer from one of the largest online services in the world and be your user’s friend.