Jerry Nixon @Work: A closer look at the BirdBox app

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A closer look at the BirdBox app

imageWhen you take photos with your phone or home camera, how are they organized? How are they shared? What if there were a service out there that let you organize your photos, share your photos, and do it all for free. Welcome Birdbox. A simple Windows 8 app that lets you create nests of photos to share with groups of friends.

From holidays and parties to vacations and topics of interest, Birdbox is the easiest way to share and collect photos with groups of people. Choose which photos to share and invite friends to contribute theirs, all in one place.

Nests | group photo album

Birdbox is really about nests. Each can have members and show up on other members’ machines for viewing and contribution. Think about it like this: in a few weeks we’ll host Denver Dev Day for ASP.Net developers. I could create a nest for the event and then invite the core volunteers to contribute photos to the event nest that we can share together and use.


Share nests

Once you have a nest, it’s time to start adding items to it. You can add photos with OneDrive, from your local folder, or whatever you want to use. You can add friends by cell number (yep.) or pick them from your contact list and send them a text, inviting them to join Birdbox.


Once you have a nest, adding people is pretty auto-magic. What’s even cooler than that is they can add you to their nests in a breeze. You look at your lists of nests and then, suddenly there’s another one from your buddy. You can favorite photos in a nest as well as comment on them. It’s a fun way to see how the rest of the group reacts to photos in the nest.

Some use cases

Planning a wedding? Going on a group offsite? Perhaps Birdbox can be a fun place for you to bring your photos together. A single place for all your group to put the best photos, laugh at the best moments, and comment on each other’s photography skills and antics.

You can download Birdbox, the Windows 8 app here.