Jerry Nixon @Work: Ready to learn? Developing Universal Windows Apps with C# and XAML. A new, free course on Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ready to learn? Developing Universal Windows Apps with C# and XAML. A new, free course on Microsoft Virtual Academy.

imageI’m back with my buddy Daren May to develop a Universal App on the Windows platform using X# and XAML. Yep. It’s how to deal with the problems you might hit; it’s how to use Prism MVVM for Store Apps, and strategies for implementing common scenarios like Security, Notifications, Local data, Code generation, telemetry, and more.

(01) Building Universal Windows Apps - Part 1

Get an introduction to universal Windows apps, and take a closer look at customer and store experiences, along with the advantages for developers. [09:44] - The universal promise [11:58] - The user perspective [14:29] - The store perspective [23:45] - The developer perspective (more...)

(02) Building Universal Windows Apps - Part 2

Explore code-sharing strategies, platform-specific coding techniques, and sharing XAML. [01:21] - Code sharing strategies [08:50] - Platform-specific code [36:13] - Sharing XAML (more...)

(03) Universal Design

Find out how to design a universal Windows app that takes advantage of platform capabilities, manage device variability, and address a range of other considerations. [02:56] - Platform capabilities [18:48] - Device variability [39:51] - Design considerations (more...)

(04) Introducing Solarizr

Get the details on the Solarizr app, which is developed during the remainder of this course and demonstrates both MVVM design and universal Windows app feature integration. [02:01] - Demo of Solarizr [20:08] - Translating into XAML [33:58] - Translating into MVVM[43:46] - Structuring the Solution (more...)

(05) Building a service

See a demonstration of how to create and implement a WebAPI service, and get an explanation of server and client code. See how to create the Azure database and perform property validation as part of your model. [01:35] - The database project [10:15] - The WebAPI services [22:29] - The WebAPI View Service (more...)

(06) Prism - Part 1

Learn about implementing Prism in an MVVM Windows Store project, and get started with the navigation service. [00:54] - Model View View Model [08:27] - Basic Prism [22:57] - Navigation Service (more...)

(07) Prism - Part 2

Walk through dependency injection, event aggregation, and state management. [01:49] - Dependency Injection [15:49] – Messaging [25:33] - State management (more...)

(08) Security

Take a look at Azure Active Directory, and explore implementing a login strategy, securing a web service, and other general security topics for your apps. [10:45] - Azure Active Directory [22:29] - Securing an application [26:03] - Implementing a login strategy[43:56] - Securing a web service (more...)

(09) Local data

Examine local storage options, with a focus on SQLite, implementing the Settings Flyout, and blob storage. Hear a discussion on provisioning strategies. [00:54] - Storage Landscape [04:02] – SQLite [17:16] – Settings [30:38] - Blob storage [36:59] - Provisioning Strategies (more...)

(10) Communication

Connect users to your app using local toasts and by sending push notifications from Azure. [01:23] - Sending local toast [09:57] - Sending push notifications[28:56] - Notifications in Solarizr (more...)

(11) View services

Learn to create the multitude of real-world view services implemented within the Solarizr app, and check out Bing maps integration. [00:55] - View services [01:47] - Solarizr services [45:57] - Multiple maps (more...)

(12) Advanced features

Explore coverage of a resource loader service and device-specific behaviors, like navigation. [02:43] - Resource loader [21:22] - Special behaviors (more...)

(13) What else might we have done?

Take a look at additional technologies that could have been included in the Solarizr app, had there been more time. Learn how you might include these technologies in your apps. [02:10] – Cortana [06:30] – Geofencing [09:16] - Instrumentation & Telemetry [15:15] – Logging [21:40] – PDF [24:03] (more...)