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Friday, February 20, 2015

Creating a WrapPanel

Recently I saw a friend, Glenn Versweyveld, write a blog about showing a “tags” (eg blog tags) within an app. The blog documents how to create a horizontal list of tags that are not formed into columns and rows. The list would let the items flow naturally. He used something I never would have thought of to accomplish this. He used a RichTextBlock. This was a rather cool idea that again, I would have never thought of.


When I saw the blog I quickly asked why he did not just use a GridView or a WrapGrid/ItemsWrapGrid. His simple reply was that it did not accomplish what he wanted. If you are on “Big Windows” the GridView lays items out into columns and rows, by filling up columns from left to right. If you are on Windows Phone the Grid View also lays items in rows and columns, but it fills up rows first instead of columns.

imageOk, so GridView is out, how about a ListView and change the ItemsPanel to be an ItemsWrapGrid with Orientation set to Horizontal? Nope, same row/column layout with that as well. Okay, now I see why Glenn went a custom route.

I like “Plug-n-Play” solutions. I like custom controls that I can put into XAML w/o and custom work. So, while I think Glenn’s approach was rather cool, it’s just not Plug-n-Play. There is no need to create a custom control here, but we can create a new Panel that we can use for any ItemsControl.

Read the whole article here.