Jerry Nixon @Work: Control Xbox from your Windows Phone

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Friday, October 28, 2011

Control Xbox from your Windows Phone

At Nokia World this week in London, the Xbox team was present to introduce the Xbox Companion Application. This basically allows you to control, at least, the Zune movie search and playback on your Xbox from your Windows Phone.

* Here’s Ben’s article for all the details and video of use: here.

Think about it

Take one minute and consider the strategic value of this free, little app. Consider the sheer number of Xboxes – or should we call then Microsoft Living Room units? The Xbox sells itself, but Kinect has shot it through the roof. How many of those Xbox users will want to take their console or Kinect to the next level? Not zero.

This Xbox Companion Application is just another clever, synergistic strategy to sell the Microsoft family products from Xbox (Living Room) and Windows (Desktop), to the Phone. Good on ’em.

One more thing on Kinect, totally off topic

Actually, since we’re talking Kinect, let me say how much exercise my family and I get playing Dance Central. I feel like I bought a gym. “I know you want me” has become my signature song. Anyway, check out this video. Lanvin models show off designs while playing Dance Central.

If this kooky video demonstrates anything, it’s that playing Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect may be super fun and feel super cool, you are don’t likely look so cool (no matter how you are dressed). Just play and have fun!

Lanvin designs demonstrated while playing Kinect