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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mango Sample: a Secondary Tile in 5 Minutes

imageYour Windows Phone application is fast. Your Windows Phone application uses animations. Your Windows Phone application is Metro. How can you make it better?

Think about your user at a bus stop. They see the bus coming. “Oh!” they think, remembering they need some information from your app. Can they get to it before the bus arrives?


Every application has a primary tile – it is displayed in the application list or start screen.  Here’s how they are structured:


Secondary Tiles

A secondary tile is another door to your application – instead of the typical front-door, secondary tiles let users skip to important parts directly. They can look like your primary tile, or any way you want them. Let’s create one together:

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Get the code here.


Adding secondary tiles makes your application that much more friendly and useful to your users.

Remember, we are fighting against UNINSTALL!

Best of luck!