Jerry Nixon @Work: Can Windows Phone pick up when Android drops off?

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can Windows Phone pick up when Android drops off?

In a recent CNET article by Dan Farber (Android not Critical to Google? Really?), he talks about Google’s recent, strange comments about Android:

During the Oracle v. Google trial, the value of the Android platform to the Internet giant has been a subject of inquiry. When Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page was asked last week by Oracle's attorney David Boies about the value of Android, he responded that Android is "important, but not critical." 

On Wednesday, Google's head of the Android platform, Andy Rubin, was asked by Boies what purpose Android serves for Google, He responded that it "makes it easier to access Google services." 

Boies queried Rubin on whether he expected the Android platform to contribute substantially to the company's ad revenues. Rubin answered that he did not believe so. 

If it turns out Google doesn’t care about Android. If it turns out that Android is more trouble than it is worth to Google. If it turns out Android’s shelf life is shorter than anyone dreamed. If the number one mobile platform hits the wall. As a real, third player in the mobile market, can Windows Phone pick up when Android drops off? Signs point to yes.