Jerry Nixon @Work: Windows 8: Thank you, Los Angeles

Jerry Nixon on Windows

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Windows 8: Thank you, Los Angeles

clip_image001The Windows 8 Anchor Event @ Club Nokia in Los Angeles went off without a hitch on Monday. We were able to reach out to hundreds of developers locally and hundreds more online. If you were present @ the event, thank you for attending. The whole team of Developer Evangelists for the Western Region were present, talking on:

  • Windows 8 from the Consumer’s Perspective
    (by Jerry Nixon)
  • Windows 8 Store and Developer Opportunity
    (by Michael Johnson)
  • Windows 8 Hello World
    (by Alice Pang)
  • Visual Studio 11
    (by Jeremy Foster)
  • Windows 8 Core Capabilities & Interactions
    (by Matt Harrington)
  • Metro Design Language
    (by Jeremy Foster)
  • Building Metro Apps with JavaScript
    (by Michael Palermo)
  • Building Metro Apps with XAML
    (by Jerry Nixon)

It was a super fun event with a really cool venue. That Club Nokia is too cool for school. But their giant screen, stage, and layout was great. If you were there and have any feedback, we would love to have it.

The video of the event is being edited now. When it is available, find it here.